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Dr Shirin Lakhani 

It’s Not Just About The Designer Vagina

Once upon a time, vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation was synonymous with the quest for a “Designer Vagina” and considered the ultimate vanity. Fortunately, things have moved on and it is becoming more acceptable for women to seek treatment for debilitating conditions affecting their intimate health. Vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, sexual dissatisfaction, irritation and pain can have a devastating effect on how we feel about ourselves, how we perceive our attractiveness, and impact our sexual relationships. In this talk, Dr Shirin will explore the variety of non-surgical treatments available to address these issues caused by childbirth, menopause and general ageing. Please note this session will feature sensitive content. 

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Mr Naveen Cavale 

What’s New in Nose Jobs?

Are you nosey about noses? Maybe you have a hidden insecurity or even just don’t like the size or shape? Well, plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon Mr Naveen Cavale is here to help! Whether it’s a surgical nose job you’re contemplating or a less invasive option, such as injectables, Mr Cavale is going to be answering all your nose-related questions. In his talk, Mr Cavale is going to be discussing the latest advancements in noses, key problems people face with their nose and the suitable options available for you! Check out my Instagram at @realplastics.

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