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Dr Kam Lally  Mr Muhammad Riaz 

Understanding the droop and how to recoup; surgical & non-surgical treatment options to lift the face

Have that feeling that your skin is starting to sag?
Are you beginning to look a little jowly?
Your cheeks feel like they’ve lost their bounce?
Well you have come to the right place!
In this session, we will discuss non-surgical treatment options that can help restore tissues and give you a ‘lift’ to restore your confidence – all with minimal downtime and without going under the knife!

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Featured Sessions
Dr Galyna Selezneva  Dr Maryam Zamani  Francesca Ogiermann-White  Miss Sherina Balaratnam 

The Beauty Triangle presents: Beyond Aesthetics – How to Restore, Rebuild and Rejuvenate

Modern aesthetic treatments have an extraordinary ability to enhance our external appearance – but of even greater note is their power to restore self-confidence, to rebuild broken bodies and to rejuvenate us from the inside-out.

This forward-looking discussion brings together an expert, all-female panel – including aesthetic doctor, Miss Sherina Balaratnam; psychiatrist and body expert, Dr Galyna Selezneva; and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr Maryam Zamani – to explore the positive impact that the right procedure can bring: from calming a turbulent complexion and bringing faces back to life, to strengthening the female body after pregnancy or menopause, and even ensuring optimal health in years to come.

Together, we’ll learn about the safe and proven ways to re-energise both face and body – but we’ll also discover how to reinstate a forgotten sense of self: ensuring results that can be seen in the mirror, but also felt within.

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